The Process

The teaching staff carry out regular informal assessment of individual pupil progress. Children are assessed on entry to school using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Throughout KS1 they are assessed using the Assessing Pupil Progress materials. All assessment levels are tracked very carefully using Pupil Asset tracking system.

Children may be part of an intervention group to help boost their learning or gain more confidence in a particular area. These are carefully directed and monitored. Staff will always keep you informed of your child’s progress and notify you of any areas for concern.

We hold parental consultations each term and a written report is issued to all parents in the Summer Term, which highlights your child’s strengths and next steps in learning. In the Summer Term of Year 2, the children complete a series of assessment tasks (SATs). These generate additional information for the class teacher which enables us to accurately assess the child’s current level of attainment. A Teacher Assessment level is then reported to parents and is also passed onto the next school.