Computing (ICT)


At Witley C of E Infant school we strongly believe it is important the children are exposed to a wide range of digital devices to support and enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom. A range of IT skills are taught through links to curriculum themes.

In Reception, Children learn that technology is all around them and forms part of everyday life. Through applications on the LearnPad the children begin to develop their literacy and numeracy skills using a range of LearnPad applications to support the EYFS curriculum. They begin to have an awareness of programming and use ‘Beebots’ to input a series of instructions.

In Key Stage 1, children use Logo and Espresso Coding to develop computer programming skills. They learn algorithms are a sequence of instructions used to operate computers and other electronic devices.

Using digital technology, (Chromebooks), the children are given the skills to create and edit their own work for a given purpose. They are taught to use technology to store, organise and retrieve content.

On-line safety is taught through an E-Safety age appropriate scheme of work. They are shown how to keep safe when using digital technology and given the knowledge to know what to do if they have concerns about content, or contact on-line.