Our Home School Link Worker – Sarah Dutton

Our Home/School Link Worker is Sarah Dutton who works with a number of other schools in the Godalming Confederation, including Milford Infants and The Chandler. Sarah’s role is:

  • to help parents coping with challenging children, giving parenting guidance and support
  • to offer advice on how to maintain positive discipline
  • to encourage communication between the school and the family
  • to listen and offer support on problems and issues, using counselling skills
  • to support children with difficulties and provide a forum to talk about concerns in a confidential and non-judgemental environment
  • to provide emotional support and build self esteem
  • to help families with access grants and information
  • to help improve family relationships and be available for families in crisis situations
  • to carry out home visits to support families and children by providing outreach support

If you would like to see her, please make an appointment in the office. Sarah is also able to make home visits. Please do not feel shy about seeking advice and support. It’s a tough job being a parent…and Sarah is here to help!