The whole school went to Arundel castle:

Y2 recount

On Tuesday I was feeling so excited because we were going on a school trip to Arundel Castle…In the armour room I looked at the strong heavy chain mail. Eva

As soon as we got to Arundel Castle we spilled out of the coach onto the ruff, stony pavement opposite to the castle gates…The first object in the ancient castle we saw was the rounded keep which stood upon a high mound… Hannah

Lynette spoke about the castle and told us that there were 131 steps. We explored the armour room and saw a piece of armour.

It was awfully heavy so knights had to be rich to wear it and strong. Hattie B

Our tour guide was called Lynette, she was very friendly. She showed us the armoury room where there were cross bows,

swords and chain mail. Charlie

Y1 Did you know?

That I went into the dungeon, it was frightening. We opened the door, when we closed the door it was a BANG! Tabitha

I walked through the moat. We went under the drawbridge. Rosie

I found out that if you get dropped down into the Obliette, you will die or break a bone. Chloe

If you were a rich prisoner, you can be free if your friend paid £100. If you were poor you would be stuck in there and be forgotten. Alfie

When they led you to the dungeon, the last thing that you heard was a BANG! Noah