Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum Vision at Witley C of E Infant School 

 ‘Learn,    love    and    flourish    together’

Our school vision at Witley Church of England Infant School is deep in the heart of our curriculum.


A desire to achieve, curious minds and a thirst for knowledge.


Love for all, celebrate diversity and have pride in who we are.


Promote inclusion, removing barriers for personal development enabling all to thrive together.


Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.
Proverbs 3:13

Our six core values underpin our Witley curriculum


Across our school the curriculum develops knowledge and skills in all of the subjects with our six core school values threading through the areas of safety, personal, social, health and economic learning, social, moral, spiritual and cultural reflection and understanding. Our values are embedded in our learning so that our children can continue to hold them close to their hearts in their journey through life and long after they have left our school.


Our curriculum empowers children to:

  • gain confidence as curious learners who believe in themselves and others
  • take risks through the joy of learning and be able to fail and recover through built in resilience
  • develop skills and knowledge to work together and challenge barriers for a better, stronger community
  • prepare children through our high expectations to flourish in our diverse society as they begin their journey as independent lifelong learners
  • respect everyone and the world around us, understanding that we all different in the way we learn, think, look and believe through our abilities, cultures and beliefs
  • develop healthy friendships and relationships through life based on mutual trust


Witley C of E Infant School has high expectations of every pupil and so our curriculum is shaped to open the hearts and minds to all that is wonderful and challenging in our world. We create opportunities for children to build confidence, strive and succeed, fail and recover, recognise the need to reflect, revisit, improve and build upon successes, however small they may be. Our curriculum supports opportunities for children to flourish, celebrating diversity and inclusion every step of the way so that they can help each other to be more confident, better and stronger each day.

 Our curriculum will enable children to believe in themselves, build friendships, trust one another and find joy and happiness through the journey of learning.