Forest School

We are really proud of our very own Forest School at Witley which provides child-centred sessions within a natural environment that is open throughout the year. Rain doesn’t stop play as we have a huge canopy to keep us dry!

Forest School is an opportunity for your child to experience nature in all its wonder and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands-on way. We are lucky to have such a diverse mixture of trees and plants including oak, willow, hazel and beech; some of which will be used during our sessions in many different ways. There are old wood piles to attract insects and small mammals, squirrels and birds, swings, ropes, trees to climb and den building.

The children are encouraged to investigate and explore but also to respect all living things. Forest School builds independence, high self-esteem, confidence and team building skills. 

Health and safety considerations are always of paramount importance. The children will be using woodland tools such as palm drills, fire steels and knives to whittle branches. The woodland we use is fairly dry but has a lot of sticks and some nettles and brambles underfoot. The fire circle/base camp area will be available for the comfort and well-being of your child should we have downpours or if they just need down time to enjoy the outdoors!


Forest School works to support self-esteem, confidence, communication, attitudes to learning and emotional development by following six core principles.


Please click here for more information about the ethos behind Forest School.


Clothing for Forest School

Your child will need to keep their Forest School clothing in a rucksack or similar in school, ready to use! The thickness of clothing will depend on the season. Children will need:

  • wellies or waterproof boots and socks
  • long trousers/waterproof over trousers (or a spare pair if wet)
  • long sleeved top/jumper
  • waterproof jacket
  • hat (summer or winter)

More thin layers are best for warmth and can always be removed if too warm. Please use old clothes and let your child know that at Forest School they CAN GET DIRTY AND YOU DO NOT MIND!

Sun screen should also be applied before school if the weather is sunny. All clothing must be clearly named. All children take part in Forest School so if you are finding it difficult sourcing any items of clothing please let your child’s class teacher know and we’ll make sure your child is fully equipped.